Final Week Items

Things To Know:

  1. Report cards go home on Tuesday, June 25. Please take this opportunity to review the learning skills with your child and consider setting a goal to work towards achieving in the next school year. Devise a plan to achieve that goal. If you have any questions about the report card, please contact your child’s teacher.

  2. School ends at 11:50 on Thursday, June 27. Please ensure arrangements are made for dismissal if your child is not bused.

  3. If you have an Epi Pen or medicine in the office, please pick up before end of week.

  4. Outstanding Library Books must be returned. If your child has lost a book, a letter will go home with the replacement cost. Student library records must be clear in order to take out books in the new school year.

  5. ALL items in the Lost and Found are being picked up for donation on Friday. If you get a chance, please come in and claim any of your child’s belongings.

  6. If your child(ren) are away Thursday, report cards will be kept in the office for pick up August 26 -onward.

  7. Please call in to school or send in a note to the office if your child(ren) are leaving on vacation early.


Winning Raffle Ticket Still Out There!

Our grand prize, the beautiful earrings donated by Ms. Pollock’s father are still not claimed. The winning raffle ticket number is 730250. If you are the lucky winner, please bring your ticket to the school office to claim your prize.

A Successful BBQ Event

Hello Wonderful Henderson Parents,
THANK YOU everyone for all of your help, from background prepping & planning, shopping, lending the grill, making delicious burgers and dogs, to set up and clean up … and so much more.

Once again you helped bring our community together and build on our strengths.

special appreciation goes to Mikey and Alar (Tara’s and Shiva’s husbands) for being on that grill for over 3 hours.

Thank you to Mr. Green for all your support, great ideas and suggestions!

Thank you to your students for planning and running the video games tournament.

Thank you to Ms. Taravati and her band. You did an excellent job in helping us fascinate our crowd.  For many it was the first time we got to hear our award winning band play 🙂 Truly a treat.

A very very special thanks to our young helpers and high school volunteers who  worked very hard from the very beginning to the end of the cleaning. An extra special thank you to Ethan in grade 8 for his help and offering his help wherever it was needed, especially with the set up.
Wishing you and yours an amazing summer and stay tuned for our 2019 Curriculum night BBQ!!

Warmest Regards

The Henderson School Council

Are you moving? Please Notify Office

If you are moving out of the Henderson area, please let the office know as soon as possible. It is important we keep our enrollment records for the new 2019-2020 school year up to date.


Also, if you are leaving early on your summer vacation, please send a note to the office. Thank you for your assistance.