Project Give Back

A big thank you to Mrs. Benlolo’s class for developing and organizing ‘Project Give Back’. The students began the planning process of locating a food shelter, reviewing with the contact our sanitary methods, creating a budget, researching cost effective products and location of purchase, preparing the letter home to our amazing Henderson families and finally setting up and supervising the day of.

The goal was to prepare 500 sandwiches, however, with the funds raised they were able to prepare 1000 sandwiches for Flemingdon Park Ministry’s drop in program and meal program that supports many of newcomer families particularly in the Flemingdon Park/North York Community.  Students were able to learn and understand that not too far from us and even around us, we have families with invisible poverty who are struggling to make end meet.  The students worked collaboratively and conversation such as “we want to make beautiful sandwiches,” were part of their discussions.  Students included personalized holiday cards onto each and every sandwich.

We are so very proud of our grades 5-8 students at Henderson Avenue!! Keep Spreading the Kindness, you are making a difference.

Mrs. Benlolo