Tomorrow is Halloween.

We acknowledge that not everyone celebrates Halloween and as such, costumes are not a requirement.  Students are welcome to wear their costumes in the afternoon if they would like, or wear their usual school clothing.  School and classes will continue as regular. If your child(ren) is wearing  a costume on Wednesday, please know that we follow the YRDSB Code of Student Conduct which states being in possession of a weapon or replica weapon is inappropriate behaviour that can lead to serious consequences.  Also, that as part of our ongoing commitment to equity and inclusivity and in the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation, it is important that costumes do not trivialize and devalue the lives of Indigenous peoples in Canada and should be respectful of others. For example, if something is representative of a person’s culture or religious beliefs, then it should not be worn as another person’s costume.

Please do not send food with students to share with their classes due to allergies and other food restrictions, we cannot share food.  In the days following Halloween, please ensure your kids’ snacks do not contain peanuts or tree nuts. May have traces of nuts is also not acceptable. We have several students and staff with life-threatening allergies to any nut product.

Nut-free Sign