Important Info

EDSBY- Parent-Teacher Interviews

1)    Today (Nov 3) parents/guardians received an email from EDSBY informing them that they could register for EDSBY. This is the first step before being able to sign up for interviews. Please register at your earliest convenience.

2)    The next step will take place on November 10. On Friday, Nov 10, parents/guardians will be able to sign up for parent-teacher interviews (interviews and Conferences will take place on Nov 23 and Nov 24).

3)    If you did not receive and email from EDSBY, check your junk mail. If not there, please call the office to let us know.


If your child requires medication at school (from an inhaler to cough medicine to ibuprofen, etc.), the medication must be stored in the office and parents/guardians must sign a form indicating this (We can send home the form requiring your signature and information).


fall back


If your child is too sick to go out for recess s/he is too sick to come to school. Please note that all students go out for recess if it is an outdoor recess.