Welcome to Henderson Ave. P.S. Blog

Dear Families,

I’d like to welcome you to our new blog site. We are very excited to be able to communicate with you on a more regular basis. The blog will keep you informed and updated about all happenings at Henderson Ave. which will include such items as school council postings, safety postings, upcoming events and reminders. Any information that must be shared immediately because of importance will also be sent through a school email blast.

There are 4 pages on the site. The Home page is for information, the Calendar page is connected to our Google community calendar which is also found on our school website. The calendar will be updated regularly as events come up i.e., grade 8 graduation, immunization for gr. 7s, school trips, school council nights and events, etc. The Math page will have regular postings of activities that families can engage together with their child(ren). The Student Voice is under construction.

Please Follow our blog and you will be alerted on your email of new information as it is posted.

Best Regards,

Debbie Mida